You shop online almost every day.  When you find a store offering a great product or service you tell your friends about it. Your friends then go and buy the same thing (maybe in a different color). Wouldn't it be great to get paid  for each one of those friends you referred?
How about getting paid again when your friend recommends her friend and that person buys from the same store? And again when your friend's friend recommends yet another person who buys something? It does stop at the third person, but that's a nice return on a text message!
Welcome to VOLO, the app that tracks your purchases and pays you for the  products and services you buy every day. VOLO rewards you for referring friends, family, and everyone else.
VOLO is fully automated, so there is no need to hold on to receipts. VOLO uses amazing blockchain technology for super-secure transactions, and your rewards are paid in cash to your VOLO account. No coupons, no vouchers, no discounts, just a nice cash deposit into your VOLO account every time someone you refer makes a purchase. Get up to 100% of what you spent in cash rewards for referring others, and help great brands connect with your social circle*.
*VOLO cashback subject to the rules and regulations governing this program. For details click here.